Jokes for Little kids. Age 4-6

It’s a bit challenging to find good jokes for little ones. At this age they just learning what humor is and they often laugh at things that may not sound so funny for their parents. At the same time, we don’t want to introduce very complex and hard to explain things and we want to protect them from things are not so clean. With this in mind we built the list is appropriate jokes and riddles for children of ages 4 to 6.

If you need a quick good joke for little kids here is one:

Two sausages were placed on the grill.
One sausage says to the other:
– It’s hot today, isn’t it?
The other starts shouting:
– Oh my God! A talking sausage!


A boy eating a chocolate cookie.
His mom asks:
– Why are you eating your chocolate cookie while looking at yourself in the mirror?
– This way I feel I am eating two cookies.
A little boy goes into a pastry shop and asks:
– Hi, I came to buy a birthday cake for my little sister.
– Ah, yes? And how old is she, asked the baker.
– Four years.
– What is her name?
– Rose!
– Nice name. And how did your parents choose that name?
– Well, when my sister was born a rose fell on her.
– Ah! and you what is your name son?
– Refrigerator!
A rabbit, a duck, and a monkey are stuck on a desert island.
One day they found a lamp with a genie inside. Gennie gives them a wish each.
The rabbit asks:
– I want to go home!
And poof, it disappears.
The duck orders:
– I want to go home!
And poof, it also disappears.
The monkey, feeling very lonely, begins to cry:
– I want my friends back!
A little boy asks his mother:
– Will you give me a piece of cake, please?
– But I just gave you a big one just two minutes ago!
– Yes, but I wanted a little instead…
At the zoo, an elephant meets two ants. As the ants ask, “Let’s fight.”
The elephant says: Oh, no. Two against one is unfair.
A little Timmy asks his mom:
– Mommy, do you want an ice cream?
– No.
– Good, now you ask me the same question!
A mother asks her son:
– Where’s the apple on the table?
The child responds:
– I gave it to a hungry boy.
The mother asks:
– Who was this boy?
– Me, Mommy.
The mother of little Timmy bought him a cake. Little Timmy eats almost all of the cake and still asks for another piece
His mother warns:
– Timmy, if you eat another piece, you’re going to explode!
– Then give me the piece and run away!
A teacher asks:
– Guys, can you tell me who is smarter: people or animals?
Then one girl says:
– Animals are smarter!
The teacher, a little surprised by her answer, asks:
– Why do you think so?
– Because when I talk to my dog, she always understands me, but when she talks to me, I never understand her.
Little Timmy comes back home from the Kindergarten:
– I get so tired in Kindergarten! I wish I could retire now.
A girl went to the zoo with her Grandma. In front of the cage with an elephant, the Grandma asks:
– Honey, why aren’t you giving the bread to the elephant?
– I do not know how to give. He has tails on both sides.
– Mommy, is my birthday coming soon?
– Soon. Why are you asking?
– Well, I am thinking if it’s a time for me to become a nice girl.
– Little Timmy, do you know if the Spiderman is afraid of anybody?
– Probably, the Sneaker Man.
Little Timmy saw a peacock in the zoo and yelled:
– Mom, look! A chicken has blossomed!
Little Annie asks the old bald man:
– Grandpa, why is your head so empty?
Penguin and zebra came to the photo studio.
– Do you want a color photo?
– Black and white would be enough.
The younger brother is telling to the older one:
– Jack, go and ask Mom to buy a soccer ball!
– John, ask yourself! Mom is not only mine, but she’s also yours too.
– But you know her longer, John doesn’t give up.
A 4-year-old boy has a bike. His dad wrote his last name on it so nobody can confuse it.
One day the boy comes home and asks:
– Dad, you need to erase my name from the bike, because Max has the same bike, and we always confuse them.
Dad explains:
– That’s exactly why I wrote your name on it so you don’t get it confused.
The boy explains:
– Maxim also has his name written on his bike. But, Dad, do you understand? We can’t read yet!
Dad asks his son:
– Son, are you fighting at the school too?
– Yes.
– And who is winning?
– The teacher.
A mother asks her children:
– What’s wrong with you, kids? Why don’t you play and sit all day frowning?
– We pretending that we are adults!
– Grandma, come play with us. We play as bears in the zoo.
– What am I going to do?
– You will be the old woman who throws candies to the bears.
A little boy is asked:
– Who are you listening to more, Mom or Dad?
– Mom!
– Why?
– She’s talking more.
A cat and a dog are walking on the street. The cat suddenly starts barking. The dog asks:
– Why are you barking?
– I am learning a foreign language.
Mom asks her daughter:
– Annie, why are there four spoons on the table?
– I just wanted to make a cake for myself, and it says “Add four spoons of sugar”.
One woman wants to show another how smart her daughter is.
– Daughter, let’s show how we learned all the months of the year. Well! .. Jan …?
– uary!
– Feb …?
– ruary.
– Well, keep going!
– arch, ril, ay, ne, ly, gust, tember, tober, vember, cember!
In the zoo.
– Mom! Buy me an elephant!
– What will we feed him?
– Nothing! Read here, it says “Feeding the elephants is strictly prohibited!”
Dad asks Little Timmy:
– Do you know why cats can see in the dark?”
Little Timmy answers:
– I know. Because they can’t reach the switch.
– Well, son, you finally stopped crying!
– I did not stop, I am just taking a break.
Mother asks son:
– Did you break all the toys that your dad had bought for you?
– Not all of them! There is still a hammer!
– Billy, what do you want to be when you grow up?”
– A policeman.
– And you, John?
– Gangster, so we can play together again.
Mom asks her little son:
– Why don’t you eat? Have you said that you were hungry like a wolf?
– Mom, where did you see wolves eating carrots?
A little boy comes up to his dad, who watches the track and field championship on TV, and asks:
– Dad, why are these men running?
– Well, the first three of them will get medals.
– And then why others are running too?
– Daddy, can you buy me a drum?
– Oh no, it’s going to be too noisy!
– But Daddy, I will only play it when you are asleep!
Little Timmy asked his parents to buy a puppy and they finally bought him a huge St. Bernard.
Little Timmy looked at the dog and asked:
– I don’t get it. Who is whose present?
A six-year-old boy asks:
– Listen, why do lions eat a raw meat?
– Because they don’t know how to cook, answered his 8-year old sister.
Grandma with a little boy in a paleontological museum:
– Grandma, when you were little have you been afraid of dinosaurs?
– Grandpa, I am so so tired… Let’s have a rest… Let’s jump on your bed!
A 3-year-old boy is at the pediatrician office. He saw a nurse preparing shots and suddenly he turned to his dad and said:
– You know, I will wait for you in the car.
– What are you drawing honey?
– A cat.
– And where is its tail?
– Still in the crayon.
A rooster is showing a picture of an egg to his son:
– Look, I was so handsome when I was young.
Santa is asking a little girl:
– How old are you?
– I will be 10 soon.
– And how old are you now?
– Six.
A 4-year old boy is asking his mother:
– Mommy, do you need help?
– Yes.
– Dad, go help Mommy!
A boy is asking his Grandpa:
– When you were young did you like to go to work or school?
– Kindergarten.
A hedgehog is lying on the bed and keep saying:
– I am not gonna fart, I am not gonna fart.
Suddenly, he farts.
– It’s not me. It’s not me.
A girl is telling to her mother:
– Mom, the TV remote stopped working.
– Did you drop it?
– I did, but it’s still not working.
Mother tells her son:
– When you sneeze you have to cover your mouth.
– It’s because my teeth may fall off?
“Cool pajamas!”, said a horse to a zebra.
9 says to 6:
– You are upside down.
A zero meets an eight in the desert.
The Zero says: “What a great belt”!
A little girl asked her grandfather.
– Grandpa, did God create you?
– Yes, my dear.
– Did he create me as well?
– Absolutely.
The girl started looking at her Grandpa and herself in the mirror.
– You know Grandpa. God is getting much better lately.
In the pediatrician office, a man is filling out the forms.
– What should I write under the Allergies?
His 4-year old son whispered:
– Dad, write Broccoli.
A boy is asking his Dad:
– Dad, how old am I?
– You are 5.
– And the cat.
– He’s two.
– So why he has mustaches, and I don’t?
Mother asks her daughter:
– Did you eat the cake?
– No, I didn’t!
– Do you want more?
– Of course.
A black ant says to a red ant:
– Hey, you’ve got a sunburn!
Grandma asked her grandson:
– Tell me what do the porcupines eat?
– Cactuses.


What is pink and green?
A little pea without a shirt.
What is green going up and down?
A pea in an elevator.
What is the favorite dessert of the spider?
A chocolate fly!
What is the coldest fruit?
What makes “meow mooo meow mooo”?
A cat talking to a cow!
What letter do the Englishmen drink at 5 pm?
What makes “kcauq kcauq kcauq” sound?
A duck swimming upside down!
Which animal has 3 humps?
A camel that hit its head!
What is the difference between an airplane and a chewing gum?
The chewing gum sticks to the ground and the plane takes off!
Zoe’s mother has three children: Riri, Fifi and …?
Answer: Zoe!
What is a logger without an ax?
A woodpecker.
How do foxes attract rabbits?
They imitate the crying carrots!
I can give it to you but it will always be mine… What is it?
The hand!
I have only one foot and one head, who am I?
A mushroom!
I rise without a sound and yet I make everyone wake up?
The Sun.
What can jump when it has neither feet nor legs?
A popcorn!
What is all black, who lives in a tree and is very dangerous?
A raven with a machine gun!
What is black, white and green?
Two pandas fighting for a pickle!
Who can go around a house without moving?
The wall.
At daytime, I’m everywhere. But when night falls, I disappear. Who am I?
Your shadow!
Why hampsters do not like coconuts?
Because they can’t stuff them in their cheeks.
How do you call a hamster in the space?
A hamsteroid!
What did Christopher Columbus do after landing in America?
He took a selfie.
Why are Smurfs blue?
Because their pants are too tight!
What is flying and shining?
A fly with a gold tooth.
Which animal is the strongest?
The turtle: because she carries her house on her back.
It is tall before being small. What is it?
The candle.
What do the pirates say when they come to the farm?
Ah, hay!
What does the farmer say if he can not find his tractor?
Where is my tractor?
Why do some children put sugar under their pillows?
To have sweet dreams.
What did one caterpillar say to another caterpillar?
I’ll take a walk on the apple.

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